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Engineering Becoming a Robotics Engineer

  1. Jun 2, 2017 #1
    Hi all! Just recently discovered PF, loving the community. I'm a softmore Mechanical Engineering undergrad, who's been exploring careers and what comes next after I graduate. My question to you all is: What skills can I learn/focus on throughout the rest of my schooling to increase my chances of working in robotics? Unfortunately becoming a robotics major isn't an option, but I figured with an ME degree and the right skills I could still work on robots.
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    Does your school have a robotics team? Many of those have corporate sponsors. It might be a good networking opportunity.
    Also if your school offers intern/co-op programs, that is becoming almost a necessity when trying to hire on with a company, at graduation.
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    Thanks for the tip! Yeah, I'm getting involved with our team and mentoring a highschool team, and Internships are coming once I've got the credit hours. Any specific skills I should look into, I.E. learning specific software/what languages are best?
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    Absolutely you can. In fact in my opinion, it's preferable. The content robotics majors cover are very broad. ME will allow you to develop some focus, and work on certain aspects of the system in general.
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