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Best Aerospace College

  1. Aug 20, 2013 #1
    Hello I am a senior in high school and intend to study aerospace engineering at university.I have some university options but it would be very helpful if someone can provide me informtion about how well the departments are in those universites?
    My choices are
    -University of Southern California
    -Georgia Institute of Tech
    -University of Illinois at Urbana
    -University of Notre Dame
    -University of Maryland
    -Boston University
    -University of Washington in St Louis
    -Rensselaer Polytechnic
    -Universersity of Syracuse
    -University of Virginia
    -University of Califorbia Davis
    -University of Califorbia San Diego
    -University of Califorbia Irvine
    -Worcester Polytechnic Institute
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    They're all probably pretty good. Figure out what part of aerospace you are interested in and look up the school's curriculum or talk to an advisor there to see which one(s) best fit your interest.

    You should also look into which ones offer an Aero/Mech dual degree, in case you decide later on that you want to go that route.

    I went to Rensselaer and dual majored in Aero/Mech. I found it to be a good program for true aero (they have a decent wind tunnel too), though their aerospace department is still being built up. I wound up using my mechanical degree, rather than my aero degree (though the fluid dynamics stuff has come in really handy in my line of work); but I have a friend who now works at NASA's JPL.
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    So would you recommend Rensselaer considering its aero department that hasn't been completed yet?
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    1) It's the only school there that I know. I can't recommend it over the others because I have no experience with those universities. They may have a better department, or their's may be worse. I don't know. I liked RPI's curriculum and professors.

    2) It's aero curriculum is fully developed (heehee, a little aero joke) and firmly in place. What I said was their space-focused department is currently being built up. When I went they had one undergraduate course in astrodynamics and a few graduate level courses. I think they've expanded a bit since then. What I meant was that if you are looking into going into space-oriented aeronautical engineering, then perhaps RPI isn't the best fit, assuming that other schools on that list have more developed aerospace programs.
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    Thanks for your answer.But in fact I dont want to become a scientist ,I want to integrate my education into the market .I heard that Rensselaer is one of the top universities with highest salary graduates and has a motto like integrating science into the society.I don't know if that is right but would you recommend it considering this circumstance?
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    Don't get me wrong, RPI is a great school whether or not you want to be a "scientist". The aero division is great and I know some people who work for Pratt and Whitney, JPL, GE, and others because of the aero program at RPI plus the help of the RPI career center (and of course, because they are hard working, intelligent individuals). But most of these other shools will offer pretty much the same degree of oportunity to succeed in industry. Getting a degree from one of these schools doesn't guarantee you a high paying job in work you love; that you have to work hard for. And, likely all of these schools, if you are motivated and clever enough, will allow you to work toward your goals. I'm not saying pick RPI, I'm saying that since it's on your list, I'll let you know that I went there. I thought they had a great program and if you take advantage of what they have to offer, you'll probably end up doing something interesting. Colleges offer you the tools to make an interesting and lucrative career. They can't/don't just hand it to you.

    Hopefully someone else will chime in about another school there. I really suggest looking at the curriculum on their websites and seeing what it is you really want to pursue as a career.
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    USC, UIUC, Ga. Tech, Embry-Riddle, UFl, UMd.

    Are probably the best schools for aero
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