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Best Circuit Simulator software?

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    Best Circuit Simulator software???

    Hey Everybody!, Wich one Do You Think is the Best Circuit (digital, analog and PICs) Simulator????.....For example.... I use Electronics Workbench, Multisim and Proteus Isis (Proteus vsm).....as far as i can see, Proteus is the Best!......so what are your thoughts?....or do you have other ones wich are better?
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    Re: Best Circuit Simulator software???

    I like multisim but it has some problems
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    Re: Best Circuit Simulator software???

    yeah but the problem with multisim is that you cant simulate digital circuits with PICs.....for example....in Proteus you can used any PIC, put the circuit together, and inside the program itself, you can "program" the PIC and it will simulate everything!
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    Re: Best Circuit Simulator software???

    Thanks guys! I didn't know about those soft am going now to look for that Proteus. The one i use is "Solve Elec" but i find it fair. I hope Proteus will be good to me.
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    Re: Best Circuit Simulator software???

    One company I used to work for had PSpice and was very impressed with it. I programmed all our circuits and used it to simulate problems. Among the things it did was accurately simulate a super regenerative receiver, accurately reproduce the startup time of an RF oscillator and accurately show the spurious radiations of a transmitter. After recreating known problems in PSpice, I was able to find fixes much more rapidly than I could on the bench. I even used it to do RF impedance matching because I didn't have a vector network analyzer.
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