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Best circuit simulators?

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    for students, mid-level and pros

    i use circuitmaker 2000, it has the least features of the sims but it is fast and easy to use. what should i use as a step up (i have electronics workbench, proteus, orcad student).

    also just because i'm curious what do you guys use at work? :biggrin:
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    What kind of circuits? Digital, analog, CPLD, FPGA, Verilog, etc.? Mixed signal too?
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    mixed signal with spice.
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    I've been using several sims, but it seems that orCAD is the best. But if you prefer writing your own netlists, try any of spice variants ;)
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    pspice and orcad are the best .... i am studing capture and layout for pcb and it is so easy to interface with
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