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Best Friends

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    Before I moved, I was best friends with this lovely little girl named Sarah with her British accent. We used to play together all the time and go over each others house/birthday parties. Then at the end of 2nd grade I moved away, and never saw her again. How sad....then four days ago I got a message from her on Face book of all places. Turns out she’s is going to school at McGill in Canada for Biochemistry. She told me she was going back to school this Sunday so I said we must meet up again before she leaves. So after work we met at Barns & Noble and chatted for a bit. Then I took her out for dinner and we talked some more. Turns out her father does similar work to me (he's a mathematician..odd, eh?). Then we went back to Barns & Noble talked some more while looking at some art books. Heh, what a small world..........that was a nice surprise. It's too bad she lost her lovely British accent :frown:. It was nice to see her again. :smile:

    ....It's weird saying you havent seen someone in 15 years when your only 21.
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    Awwww, that's so sweet. :smile:

    Normal that she no longer has an accent, most people I know that moved at that age have long since dropped the accent.
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    Wow!!! That is terrific Cyrus!!! :biggrin:
    I wish you the best of luck with her, and her too!
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    Wait a second, now! She's in Canada! Get your filthy Yank paws off...
    ah, never mind. I'm too old, and W would kill me. :frown:

    Seriously, that's great. I still have a few memories going back about 44 years that weird me out. :tongue2:
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    Cyrus doesn't have feelings

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    Ok 1st Zooby and now you!:devil:

    hmmm...most of my childhood friends suck! Whenever I meet 1 of them they behave so polite and formal. I just wanna them to be as freindly and crazy as our childhood but ahhhh they seem too old for that. :frown:

    You'll have to wish her bad luck if you want to wish Cyrus good luck with her!:tongue2:
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