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Best Harley advert ever!

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    Very effective! Harley Fest just ended in my town. Won't be sad to see the hordes of loud Harley's leave :biggrin:
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    Most American people riding such motorbikes to me personally are gang or highway robbers. (I am affected by movies)
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    Or elderly, extra respectable pensioners, livin' the dream.
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    As of 2012, there were almost 9.5 million motorcycles registered in the US, of which only a fraction were Harleys like in the ad video. The vast majority of Harley riders (myself included) neither belong to a gang nor commit highway robbery.
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    Exactly. I noticed that people who look scary such as motorbike drivers, tatooed people with blue hair and piercings nor heavy metal fans are mostly nice people and there's usually no reason to be afraid of them (unless they are drunk or high :p)
    The most dangerous guys are those who look normal.
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