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Homework Help: BiOchem lab DNA electrophoresis

  1. Oct 30, 2007 #1
    [SOLVED] BiOchem lab DNA electrophoresis

    1) what is the the purpose of restriction endonucleases in prokaryotes? how do these organisms protect their DNA against the effects of their own restriction enzyme?

    2)why is it important to use purified Dna samplesin restriction digest and gel electrophoresis? Rather then just using homogenized tissue?

    3) why we use restriction enzyme and gel electophoresis in molecular biology?
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    Have you tried to Google this. I'm sure you can find it on Wikipedia.
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    The answers to these sorts of questions really should just be in your textbook or lecture notes. Once you've found them, if there's something you need explained further or clarified, post the answer you get and your more specific question about it, and we can then help.
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    well thanks any way I already have found the answer.I were just streesd out and werent able to focus...
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