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Homework Help: Biology need help?

  1. Dec 15, 2013 #1
    biology urgent need help?

    An experiment is set up to test whether a particular insect prefer a dark or a bright environment. A chamber with a gradient in light intensity from one end (dark) to the other (bright) has been made. The experimental hypothesis is:
    “There will be a large difference between the number of insect in a dark side and the number in a bright side of the chamber.”
    Which one could be the three confounding variables?

    A - Varying humidity across the chamber
    B - The orientation of the chamber
    C - The age of the insects
    D - The non-reflective material from which the chamber is made
    E - The type of light source used
    F - Varying temperature across the chamber

    I was thinking A, E and F but there is something wrong even A,B and C is wrong
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
    can someone tell me which one is correct please
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    Is there one correct answer or are there multiple correct answers?

    I think there are justifications for all the answer choices.

    But first, what is a definition of a confounding variable, in your own words?
  4. Dec 16, 2013 #3
    no i just need you to choose three confounding variables from the list please.
    A confounding variable that should be kept constant/ controlled.
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    You are asking us to do your work for you. That is not how things work on this forum. Please read the forum rules.
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