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Bisque Software for Astronomy SkyX

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    I'm taking a shot that this forum might know about the software in the title, SkyX. My question is about a feature called Profile. I need some help using it.
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    What about it do you need help with?
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    Bisque is a very high end telescope mount manufacturer. I assume their software is equally high end. It's probably unsuited for other than bisque hardware.
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    Yes, I have have their Paramount ME mount, German equatorial.. They provide The Sky X software for a hefty price, which allows one to control the ME. TSX has a feature called Profile, which save data about items like a camera and focuser. The documentation on Profile how to use it, but it's pretty feeble. So if anyone here uses SkyX, I would be interested in their experience with it. Maybe there's a better forum for my question?
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    I don't like to advertise other forums
    but the best astronomy forum on the www is Cloudy Nights

    totally dedicated to astronomy, observing, astrophotography, and assoc gear
    if some one there cannot help you, I would be very surprised :)

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    Good idea. I joined them. They have a lot of topics that involve the Bisque. I posted in a proper forum.
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