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Black Hole Singularity of a Universe

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    In a recent lecture by Stephen Hawkings he mentions that our universe started as a singularity. Can this singularity be caused by energy from a Black hole in another space and time? This in turn would mean that an infinite number of universes can be and are created.
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    Lee Smolin wrote a lot about that idea, including a book.
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    That the universe began in a singularity is prediction from general relativity (GR) but most people think we cant trust GR in the extreme densities encountered in this era hence I think few people really believe there is a singularity in our past.. A quantum theory of gravity is needed to analyse what happened here. Modern quantum theories like Horava gravity, loop quantum gravity and string theory imply the universe existed before the big bang. Of course they might all be wrong, we shall have to see.

    As MFB pointed out Smolin has suggested what you say and there is also another proposal which has the same conclusion:

    Its important to note that neither of these ideas have really caught on.
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