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Block on piston undergoing simple harmonic motion

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    A block rides on a piston that is moving vertically with simple harmonic motion. if the shm has period 1 s at what amplitude of maotion will the block and piston seperate?

    T= 1 / f
    1= 1 / f

    x= x cos (wt+0)

    x= x cos( 2 * pi * 1 + 0)

    where can i go from here???
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    the 0's represents thi. Please Help???
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    Tom Mattson

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    OK, answer me these questions and we'll work from there.

    1. What is the maximum acceleration, in terms of the amplitude?
    2. What is the maximum acceleration at which the block can move downwards? Keep in mind that the block is not attached to the piston.
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