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Homework Help: Bohr's theory ?

  1. Jun 19, 2007 #1
    When bohr gave his model of atom kepler's law already existed .... What made him think that the electrons revolve around the neucleus in circular orbits ? The obvious assumption that should have come to his mind looking at the analogy between the gravitational and electrostatic force should have been of elliptical orbits ?
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    When you work on something new, you start with the simplest model first. Circular orbits are simple. And when you obtain results that actually could fit the experimental observations for the hydrogen atom, you realize that you don't have to make it any more difficult than necessary.

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    You could also say that in Bohrs model, electrons exist in discrete energy levels. An elliptical orbit would create energy differences at different points in the orbit. This would lead to constant emmission and absorption of photons spontaneously
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