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Homework Help: Bromocresol Green as an Indicator

  1. Oct 13, 2007 #1
    Give an example of a titration assay in which bromocresol green could be
    used. In your example give the concentrations of each component. Based
    on the conditions of the titration, calculate the pH at equivalence.

    Since Bromocresol Green has a pKa of 4.6, I figured that this must be a titration of a weak base and a strong acid.
    I decided to use 5.0mL of 0.1M NH3 and 10.0mL of 0.020M HCl.

    The pKb is 4.76.
    I solved for the pH and got 9.42.

    Would I be able to use this particular acid base combination?
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