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C# with C++ functions

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    Hello all,

    All of my C++ programming experience is in the coding of console applications and I have recently been asked to re-code some of my console applications as windows forms applications. I asked two highly experienced programmers (one a physicist and the other a financial/business relations expert) about C++ for windows forms applications and they told me never to use C++ for windows forms applications. The main reason being, simply too much time and complexity.

    However, they did instruct me to use C# for the windows forms and link the needed C++ functions. Neither of them directed me as to how you link the C++ functions to the C# forms.

    I have a good deal of experience with forms, controls, and events in VBA for Excel and Access so I am not totally green with form applications.

    So I have two questions;

    1. Are they correct about "never use C++ for windows form applications"?

    2. Does anyone have a simple example of how to link the two languages together?

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    Yes, I always give the same advice.

    Compile the C++ into a dynamic library (dll), then you can import the function. Heres an example

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