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I Calabi-Yau manifold + ideal gas + point disturbance?

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    Because it is a closed space, can it make sense to fill a Calabi_Yau manifold with an ideal gas and consider waves from a point disturbance?

    Would the Ricci-flat condition of Calabi-Yau manifolds have anything to say about possible sound waves?

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    If you are thinking of Calabi-Yaus in the usual context (as a model of the extra dimensions), remember that there is a copy of the Calabi-Yau at every point in macroscopic space-time. So if you had a "gas" filling just one of these CYs, the "molecules" would spill out into neighboring space.

    One way around this, is to suppose that there is a brane wrapping one of the CYs, and that the gas consists of open strings attached to the brane. Some stringy black holes are like this - wrapped branes with a gas of attached strings. In such a case, the thermodynamics of the black hole comes from the thermodynamics of this string gas.
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    Just a single Calabi-Yau manifold plus time. Of course this can only be done as a thought experiment.

    So with our gas filled Calabi-Yau space I would expect that the wave front from a point disturbance would initially expand as a 5 dimensional spherical shell? Then things get complicated but I thought that the Ricci-flat condition of these spaces might allow one to make some general statements about sound propagation?

    I guess sound propagation in curved spaces is complicated.

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    It probably does but I don't know what they are.

    A two-dimensional torus with a flat metric is a Calabi-Yau space. So an ancient wraparound video-game like "Asteroids" is an example of "physics in a Calabi-Yau space".
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