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Calculate Force/Torque Power on Mechaniam

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    Hi all,

    I need some help on this one. Some of you may laugh, but it's got me confused. I just can't solve it.

    I've attached a jpg of the mechanism with some details about the mass and sizes of the thing.

    I have six discs which are liked together by a flat bar, when a torque is applied to the first one, all of the discs rotate, I guess it's a bit like wheels on trains.

    The discs are fixed to a rod at their center's, they can only rotate 90 degrees
    The Bars are fixed to the discs at a distance of 50mm from the center of the disc.

    The Question is: How do I calculate the force or the torque that it would take to rotate the disc through 90 degrees and back again.

    I'm trying to determine the power of a motor that I would need to do the job.



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