Calculate the change of volume from volume expansion coefficient

  1. β= (1/v)(∂v/∂T)constant pressure.
    What is the v represent? molar volume?
    If I am given the β and the change of temperature, how to calculate the change of volume? or it is not enough information to calculate it?

    Thank you.
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  3. jedishrfu

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    it seems like you have enough if the change is relatively small so that you could use deltas:

    beta * delta T * V =delta V

    You'd have to decide on what relatively small means and you have to know what V is.
  4. Thank you
    Question : a container is filled with mercury at 0 degree Celcius. At temperature 50 degree Celcius , what is the volume of mercury that will spill out ?
    β Of mercury is 18*10^(-5) /Celcius

    Is this possible to do ?
  5. jedishrfu

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    What do you think? A delta of 50 degrees is pretty significant.

    What is the initial volume?
  6. The initial volume is not given , so that question can't be solved?
  7. Rewriting your equation:


    Integrating, you get:

    [tex]v=v_0\exp(\beta(T - T_0))[/tex]

    where v0 is the volume at temperature T0.
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