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Calculation of bolt angle

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    I have a flange of known thickness, with a bolt hole of a known diameter through it. I am trying to calculate the maximum angle off from the centerline through the bolt hole that the bolt will be able to pass ( I know the max diameter of the bolt as well ). Is there a formula for this, given that I know the flange thickness, bolt hole diameter, and bolt diameter? Thanks in advance.
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    I would just draw a picture.
    You have a striaght hole of known width and depth, a straight bolt of known width.
    The angle should come out easily - probably more easily than describing the question.
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    Thanks. Yeah, as soon after I posted this, I drew it out and it became a lot clearer :)
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    Yup, trig = friend :cool: Counter-sinks on the hole can also have a large effect on max angle, so you might look into that.
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