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Calculation of the magnetic field ring current and the magnetic flux t

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    This work was motivated by the lack of open source analytic formulas for calculating the magnetic field of a current ring at any point in space As the result of the theoretical calculations, which are based on the law of "Bio Savart Laplace", the analytical formulas giving the ability to calculate the magnetic induction vector of the ring current at any point in space were generated. The experimental confirmation of the theoretical formulas was obtained.

    On the basis of the above formulas for the calculation of the magnetic field were obtained analytical formulas for the calculation of the flow through a closed surface, such as a thick-walled pipe. Theoretical calculations have shown that the magnetic flux through the given closed surface is not zero in general case.

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    I haven't followed your calculation in detail, but if there are closed surfaces such that
    [tex]\int_F \mathrm{d} \vec{F} \cdot \vec{B} \neq 0,[/tex]
    then your calculation must be wrong, because [itex]\vec{\nabla} \cdot \vec{B}[/itex] must be fulfilled and then by Gauß's integral theorem the magnetic flux through any closed surface must vanish.
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    I was counting the magnetic flux on the basis of its determination. The fact that, in theory, it should be zero - I know
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