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Call them DOLPHINS (not dwarf planets )

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    Call them DOLPHINS (not "dwarf planets")

    they are out beyond and around Neptune
    and old paintings of the god Neptune often have dolphins cavorting around.
    so call them Dolphins
    and that makes Pluto the first Dolphin to be discovered
    and Sedna and Xena are recently discovered Dolphins

    other suggestions?
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    Would they be bottle-nosed or northern rightwhale? Okay, let the International Marine Taxonomy Society decide on that one!
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    What's the water-speed velocity of an unladen dolphin?
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    I prefer 'plutonians' myself

    as in " the Gqral'tak'k Horde has positioned void-fighter bases on three of the Damodrind system's outer plutonians " (^ o ^)

    we already call gas giants jovians- why not keep it consistant?
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