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Can a photon be made energetic enough to escape a black hole

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    why cant a photon escape a black hole? i think it is because the photon is red shifted away to nothing, if this is true, it would be possible to create a photon that would be energetic enough that a black hole would not have enough time to red shift it away to nothing, unless there is some theoretical limit on the energy a photon can have?
    Since a photon cannot be slowed, an force doing this will just redshift it, it should be theoretically possible.
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    Welcome to PF!

    This thread is meant to be an introduction to yourself. For technical questions please use our other subforums.

    However, your question suggests that you misunderstood black hole singularities as well as the nature of photons.
    The Wikipedia articles might be a good point to start reading about them. You're invited to post some more specific questions if there are things written there you don't understand. Please look for appropriate subforums. They might as well already contain answers.
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