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Can anyone explain the following distribution to me?

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Problem Statement
(Printer). Any printer represents a single-server queuing system because
it can process only one job at a time while other jobs are stored in a queue. Suppose the
jobs are sent to a printer at the rate of 20 per hour, and that it takes an average of 40
seconds to print each job. Currently a printer is printing a job, and there is another job
stored in a queue. Assuming Bernoulli single-server queuing process with 20-second frames,
(a) what is the probability that the printer will be idle in 2 minutes?
Relevant Equations
[itex] p_{00} = 8/9 [/itex]
[itex] p_{01}= 1/9 [/itex]
Apparently the initial distribution for this problem, [itex] P_0 = ( 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 ) [/itex]

but I do not understand why there are 8 entries?

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