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Can I post my worked-out problems in my notebook?

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    I am a self-learner using textbooks. For example, I am using Spivak Calculus. I am working out a textbook problem in my notebook or I am writing down the intricacies of the proofs in the notebook. I have the Camscanner Android app in my mobile. I take photos of my working-out and edit it using Cam-scanner app. I post it over here for verification.

    Is my action within the rules of PF? Is posting pictures within the rules?
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    You're welcome to post your working in the appropriate section of the Homework and Coursework Questions forum. However, please use images only for diagrams and make them small enough to fit comfortably in a browser window without scrolling. Please write out equations instead of posting them as images. For equations that are too complex for plain text, you can use our LaTeX feature:

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    I do agree with you. It is easy to put in equation over here. I saw the methods to write equations and examples. They are quite simple. It is easy for one or two page workout.

    But my problem is I get stuck down doing a problem or proving a theorem. At once, I try 10 different methods( involving many pages). It would be easy for me to outline my approaches in 10 different points and just post the worked-out images corresponding to them. It saves more time.

    I have read the rules of PF and one of the rules says that we should show the work-out methods. I do believe in trying and failing while doing problems (and that asking solutions, outrightly by the asker is detrimental to his learning). So, I appreciate the work done by PF adminis to lay down this rule.

    If you allow image of worked-out equations, you get to know whether the person is really working or not.
    The one thing which demotivates other sincerely trying persons is to just type it outright. We may hence get many questions where only the question is typed out ( according to PF rules) but attempts are not given or calculation is incomplete.
    You also get to see his level. It is beneficial to PF community.
    For the homework helpers, using the paper and posting its image means that they can have option to write down longer equations( incase they workout for many pages if the asker needs a lot of help / understanding) easily. Thus, it encourages both trying and understanding.

    As with any new changes to community, I do endorse rules.
    For example, neatness in working-out should be encouraged. But this will be taken care by asker himself. He will realise from experience that neater his image, faster will be the response.
    Thus, I would like PF adminis to consider this.
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    One problem with posting your work just as images, is that it makes it harder for the Homework Helpers to point out exactly where an error is.

    For example, I often use the Click-Drag and "Reply" feature to quote just an equation or two in a post, so that I can point out the error in it. That is not possible if you post your work in images.
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    Another problem with images of the work for a problem vs. posting the work directly in the input pane (using LaTeX or BBCode, if needed), is that many of the posted images we've seen are upside-down or sideways, are photographed poorly, or show handwriting that is difficult or even impossible to read.
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