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Can one live of muesli alone?

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    Can one live of muesli alone, i find that muesli is all i need for food, but may be i need some thing else.
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    Re: Muesli

    According to Professor Vincent Marks, you could be suffering from Muesli Belt Malnutrition. According to him, eating an overly healthy diet could be depriving you of essential fats.

    That idea is discounted by most scientific studies, though.

    Muesli and orange juice - mmmmmm! :tongue: Sounds, uh, :uhh: , well, I've never actually tried it and I'm not sure I want to. It sounds like an overly healthy diet to me. :yuck:

    Let Mikey try it! He hates everything!
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    Re: Muesli

    Muesli, orange juice and Guinness; it's all you need.
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    Re: Muesli

    Anything tastes good after a glass of Guinness.

    Even dog crap.
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    I don't know, oxygen and water are pretty essential...
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    Re: Muesli

    I googled to refresh my memory about when that was current and found this, which I'd never heard:

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    Jim Koch of Cleveland, OH has some input; apparently he gave it a shot: "You might be
    short on ascorbic acid and other vitamins found in green vegetables."


    Then there's this article on a Muesli diet:

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    sure, if you combine it with fish and limes.
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