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Homework Help: Can someone help me with these problems?

  1. Sep 3, 2005 #1
    i cant remember how to do this at all, but can someone just post a simple step by step solution for this? thanks

    http://img275.imageshack.us/img275/2392/ss2mx.jpg [Broken]

    also having trouble with this one

    http://img374.imageshack.us/img374/1146/dfsd4mu.jpg [Broken]
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    Q1: resolve T1 into horizontal and vertical components. Then equate all the horizontal forces and all the vertical forces.
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    Q2: let T1 be the tension in the angled rope/string and T2 be the tension in the horizontal rope/string. Use the same strategy as for Q1 to solve for T1 and T2. Hence get coefft of friction
  5. Sep 3, 2005 #4
    hmm still kinda confused, any chance you could show me step by step how to solve it

    like how do you resolve T1 and T2 to get values.....like i know the 20 has components of x = 0, and y = -20 right? but how do u get values with the 30 degree angle?
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  6. Sep 3, 2005 #5
    draw out the angles and use trig.


    use the sin and cos function to resolve the two tensions into vectors. you should have 2 sets of equations to solve for T1 or T2, once you know one the other is only a matter of substitution.
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