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[Canada] Electric Equipment requirements

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    Does anyone know, or know where I go could to find more information.

    Are we allowed to bring in and use equipment (computer& computer related) that isn't CSA approved if the equipment has CE and/or FCC certifications?

    I can't seem to dig up information on specifically if this is kosher or not.
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    your best bet for accurate info would be to go to the electrical regulations authority in your country/area
    why go anywhere else ?
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    Haha I did contact Industry Canada, and they said they can't provide that information.

    I feel comforted that my tax dollars are going to good use!
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    cant or wont ?
    as in will only supply it to registered electricians etc ?
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    As a tourist to Canada, nobody at the border questioned me about the devices I was bringing.

    There could be regulations about selling equipment, as opposed to using it. You have to find someone who knows the Canadian rules.
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    After continuing to look into this and speaking with a couple people who know CSA rules better we've come to the following conclusion.

    It appears as there is no CSA standard covering computers. If you look on a laptop or other similar device they all lack a CSA approval.
    What does have a CSA standard is any sort of power converter. So if the computer equipment takes 120v directly (monitor, printer, etc) they all have the CSA label, as do the power converters for laptops.
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