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Canceling GPA?

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    Lets say you have a bad GPA at one school, can you go to another school without telling them about your bad GPA and start all over without transfering any credits?
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    Based on how universities tend to project themselves... I would think they would expell you once they found out that you lied on your application.
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    Is it a lie simply not to produce a transcript? I'm not being rhetorical; I'm just wondering.
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    Well they basically ask for something, you lie and say you dont have it. Whether its technically a lie, there still going to refuse you. They won't be swayed if its not perfectly up to the definition.
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    It very much depends on the school and the information they require on the application form. If they ask you to list all previous education, then you are essentially "lying" if you don't include your aborted schooling.

    However, as in many cases when things like this occur, ASK the admission officer! This can be very much dependent on individual school, so a blanket answer here is quite useless.

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    I always side on total honesty

    The question here is about dishonesty and to what extent you want to mislead a university about your questionable background. You must first ask yourself if you have the determination to fix this GPA and do well on the rest of your classes. To start your career by misleading a university just because you want to erase a part of your academic career is just insane and unethical at best. This is not a court of law where you can create an illusion of truth out of a bunch of lies this is academia. How badly did you fail? Did you get thrown out due to poor grades? I think the admission officer would know what would count towards your new program/school but to not address your poor progress is just a recipe to repeat it at a new school. It may happen that none of your previous coursework would count usually a school takes in any class that is equivalent that is B or greater.
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    Submit your past academic experience, and explain why you did poorly in your personal statement. I think they would believe that many in your situation would fib and not include their past poor academics, and if you include it, they might look at this as a positive.
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