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Cannot find Theoretical Physics course in my country

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    live in malaysia and holding an UEC certificate, which our national university won't accept.And I can't find any university in my country and Singapore, axcept nation university in Malaysia,offer the theoretical physics couses and my family cannot afford the cost to study oversea.Should I just give up my ambition and study bachelor in physics?Sorry for the bad english.
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    It is a bit unclear from your English, but as I understand it you have the option of getting a bachelor in physics? Now I do not know the system where you live, but at the bachelor level there usually is not much specialisation, such as dividing theoretical physics and physics.
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    At the undergraduate level it's generally better not to specialize too much. If you think you want to go into theoretical physics at this point, that's great, but you don't want to specialize so much that you close other doors. I think a lot of people start out in undergraduate physics wanting to go into something theoretical, but then as they learn about the problems being worked on in other areas and the opportunities they come with their interests can sometimes change.

    An undergraduate degree in physics will get you where you want to go.
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