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Capacitance and inductance of cylindrical shell

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    i am having trouble with finding inductance and capacitance of a cylindrical shell with gap.

    say inner radius is a, outer radius is b, and filling dielectric between a and b,

    and its not a exact circle which have a small gap say d. its like a split ring but only one shell.

    How can i find C and F?
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    Smythe "Static and Dynamic Electricity" (third edition) has solutions for many difficult cylindrical geometry capacitance and inductance problems, including off-center geometries.

    For these problems, if L is the inductance per unit length, and C is the capacitance per unit length, L and C are related by

    LC = εε0μμ0 = 1.11 x 10-17 εμ Farad-Henrys/meter2

    Bob S
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