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B Car's weight shift with torque & angular momentum

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    I am having trouble visualizing which two tires of a car will be pushed down based on the angular momentum and torque of that car. Let's say if its angular momentum is point OUT while its torque is pointing UP in relations to the picture below.

    My guess is it's the two right wheels of the picture below.

    What I think is the angular momentum wants to go where the torque is in other words "the torque is pushing the angular momentum" you can figure out which way the car is leaning more and figure out which tires of the car carries the most weight at that point in time.

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    I don't believe so, the link you sent me is even more confusing. For this lecture, all we did was used the right-hand-rule to figure this out, but I am not sure how to do that. I believe it was ANGULAR MOMENTUM x TORQUE gives you the direction of which the car is leaning more. Is that correct?
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    If the car is turning to the left, then the ground exerts a left centripetal force onto the tires, below the center of mass which generates an outwards torque on the car, causing the right side tires to experience more downforce than the left side tires. If the suspension in the roll direction is relatively stiffer at one end then the other, then the stiffer end right side tire will experience more downforce than the less stiffer end right side tire. The sum of the downforce on the right side tires isn't affected by the stiffer end effect, just the distribution of the downforce.
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