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Homework Help: Cell Phones Please help asap

  1. Dec 11, 2011 #1
    I need help understanding how exactly cell phones work, like the channels, frequencies, and grid system. I researched a lot but still don't get it, could some one please dumb it down for me :$ I need help ASAP b/c I have an assignment due tmrw. Thankyou so much. Basically, just talk about carriers, channels, grid system, frequencies and stuff. any help is appreciated! (8

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    Tell us what you've learned so far.
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    I know that the carrier divides the city into cells and a channel is a range of frequencies. Frequencies are cycles per second, but what's that gotta do with it? And what's the deal with one and two way communication?
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    You might want to look up "modulation". Communications systems using the electromagnetic spectrum near each other and at the same time may be made to use different frequencies so as to not interfere with each other. Typical mobile phone networks encode a digital signal using some range of frequencies.

    Today's digital phones use something called "channel access methods".
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