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Charge density

  1. Sep 9, 2007 #1
    Could someone please answer the folloing questions.
    1- What do we mean by charge density and what is its relationships with the charge and mass of a particle.??
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    What do YOU think, and why?

    What sources of information have you considered and so on..

    See my other post to you for information about how this forum works.
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    Mr Malawi glenn. can i ask u a question.. if this forums not here for helping people they are confused about than what is its use than.. I mean it is'nt worth it if it's not meant to help people. Take it this way.. If i already knew the answers than why the hell did i need to come and post at this forum.. I'm really shocked at ur attitude. I ask the question and i give the answer.. huh.. is this kind of a joke..
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    Have you never come into contact with a teacher before? Any good teacher will require you to make an effort to answer your own questions. That is what we require here. We don't do peoples' homework for them - you won't learn that way.
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    1. read forum guidelines once more.

    2. I can't see your answer on the question.

    3. many many people get help here, just have a look at the other threads. And those peaple USES the template.

    We do not require you to have the answer, but in order to help you we must know about your own thougts, reasoning, and sources considered and so on. What relations you are aware of etc, so that we can help you in the direction. If you just want the aswer on question like this one, then google it.

    Only in rare cases people answer questions even though there is no work done or attempt of solution is posted, but that is also wrong and agaist the forum guidelines.
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