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Chemistry group project

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    Hi everyone:
    I am doing my Chemistry group project right now, it is something about the water quality. And I am in charge of the COD (Chemical oxygen demand) part. The teacher told me that COD contains two parts: concentration (mg/L)and light absorbance rate (A)...something like that (I translated it from Chinese). But I didnt found any related information about the "light absorbance rate" on the internet. Can anyone give me some information about COD?
    Also, can someone tell me how can I get the international standards (or standards of other countries, or organizations such as UN or EU) of water quality (COD, BOD, DO...etc)? Thanks a lot!
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    Wow, right above me, I just had a link "Biological oxygen demand", linking to www.polyseed.com[/url]. Now my second window has been directed to [url]http://www.interlabsupply.com/[/URL], where it says:

    Welcome to InterLab Supply, your complete source for BOD testing and home of the "Original" PolySeed

    Well, there ye have at least something to start with :wink:
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