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Chemistry vs. chem 1?(at 2 yr college) It varies, but in your opinion?

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    What is different about introductory chemistry vs. chem 1?(at 2 yr college) Granted, it varies by school, but in your opinion, or based on your own personal experiences with taking these classes?
    Typically what can you expect to learn in chem 1 that was not in introductory chemistry.
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    No idea since "Introductory Chemistry" isn't descriptive. Is it for non-majors or majors?

    If these two courses are offered at the same school, it is likely that "Introductory Chemistry" is not for Chemistry majors (possibly for Allied Health or Nursing) but you will need to examine the syllabi and compare them yourself or ask an advisor to be sure.

    http://mynvccatalog.alamo.edu/content.php?catoid=3&navoid=671" course covers more and in greater depth than the Intro course.
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    In my CC, Intro Chem is for non-science majors to get a lab credit and a pre-req for Gen Chem I if you havn't had one year of HS chem in the last two years.
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    what ive seen is that these "intro the chem classes" are for kids who struggled with the basics of chemistry (sig figs, etc). often, they serve as phys sci credit for non major or they serve as prep for freshmen chemistry for science majors.
    it is essentially high school chemistry (aka remedial). all the topics will be presented again in regular freshmen chemistry, but some people need more time to go over the material/want to hit the ground running.

    if you know chemistry, just take the freshmen course (unless you're not a science major, just take the easiest course and focus on your core classes... but then why be on physicsforum?). if you're worried, simply take the remedial chem class play catch up some other way (summer school, when you transfer)

    IMHO: i'd rather take the intro chem and play catch up than take general chem and screw up and have to retake it.
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