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Cherenkov-effect + other EM relativity derivations: sources pls?

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    (Any help whatsoever is greatly appreciated)

    I am looking for good online sources to help me understand relativistic formula's for the equations of Maxwell, and all the stuff that follows from it (like Cherenkov radiation).

    I realise that's a pretty vague description, so if there is no general source that deals with all of this, I'm mostly looking for feedback on:

    -the constitutive equations for moving media
    -the Cherenkov effect
    -the Fizeau experiment

    .. and maybe some background on fourvector calculus, just for checkup (though I have the impression I'll figure it out by myself if I sit myself down for it).

    I thank you in advance for your time and effort and enthusiasm too of course.
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    If you don't have what you need in Jackson's book (preferably the latest,III-rd edition),then you can check the free course (and exercises) here


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