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    My professor did a lecture about mass conservation in a system. He basically explained the lining that separates the system from the surroundings is the control surface, and all that is contained within the system is the control volume.

    I think it was explained rather loosely, and we need to have a firm understanding of the concept. I think it was somewhat vague as to the applications of control volumes and how to choose it for a given problem, or even what it really is. I feel somewhat lost on this part, and my textbook is not followed closely by the instructor.

    I was wondering if anyone knew some good literature to read on choosing control volumes and explaining what it means, if not if someone could give some explanation, I would be very grateful.

    Thank you
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    The point is that it does not matter how you choose the control volume - so long as the volume enclosed is isolated. It's an entirely abstract concept. If you are also doing a practical course, you will learn more about what constitutes a control there.
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  5. See Transport Phenomena by Bird, Stewart, and Lightfoot
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