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News CNN reporter talks of pressure

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    Not that it wasn't obvious, but finally people are coming forward.

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080529/ap_en_tv/tv_war_coverage [Broken]
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    No one in the media wanted to be branded a traitor, after all, most Americans were led to believe Saddam had all of those WMD's and was woking on a mushroom cloud generator.

    The link below has been around a while. It is to the Bill Moryers Journal production of "Buying The War" It is a must see if you haven't seen it.

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    I guess it's possible that the story is true, but:
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    From the last source:

    Actually, good question. How can millions of honest, fair people, only wanting to do good, be so mislead and want to go to war. Actually, this is exactly how you to go war. Same symptoms were there in both camps prior WWI and in Germany prior to WWII and most definitely during the cold war. It’s all about the notion of a horrible enemy, who will harm us. So, we have to join our camps nationally and with the alies and face the threat together as we are honestly convinced that we are morally right and they are wrong. That notion seems to be unanimous as nobody respectful speaks up against it. And everybody who speaks up is a disloyal crook anyway.

    So, we also have to rationalize the ethical consequences of going to war, and not expressing doubts that we may have and the role of the role of the press is obvious. A reporter cannot jeopardize the good cause for the country and ventilate criticism.

    Incidentally it’s very likely that in the ‘enemy’ camp exactly the same happens. As I mentioned several times before, it’s called http://www.cedu.niu.edu/~fulmer/groupthink.htm [Broken]

    See the eight symptoms:

    Would that fit the picture? Mind you, you don't do it on purpose, it's completely natural. In hindsight I see that I was victim of groupthink on several occasions, most severely during the cold war. We were very lucky with the Mutual Assured Destruction concept. Problably the only reason why this extreme form of groupthink did not end in disaster.

    So I can't repeat it often enough, a very important part of the school education should be learning about the implications about teamwork versus groupthink.

    Some literature:

    http://www.uni-konstanz.de/FuF/Verwiss/GSchneider/lehre/Political%20Psychology%20Course%20outline%20SoSe%202005.doc [Broken]
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    well i remember quite clearly that hans blick, the un inspector, made it quite clear on television that there was no evidence of any weapons at all, and that they ahd looked everywhere the CIA had suggested they look, and he was very frustrated that his mission was being cut short.

    so there was plenty of coverage of the lack of evidence. then after the war and the revealed lack of such weapons, and the lack of any link between saddam and al qaida had been widely reported, polls showed a majority of people still believed otherwise.

    it suggests to me that a lot of people chose to believe president bush's lies, over objective evidence to the contrary.

    i find it interesting that most of the flap over the current book by scott mcclellan is the argument that, even if his book is 100% true, still it is disloyal of him to have written it. i.e. most of the criticism being expressed is a clear statement of the principle that the public does not deserve to know the truth at all, if it means implicating someone you have worked for and believed in for years.

    and there is a reason some disgruntled employes are disgruntled during this administration.

    i am looking at an article (Atlanta journal - consitution, april 24, 2008, page A3, [all the real news is on back pages here]) headlined "Scientists at EPA report political heat", beginning "Hundreds of EPA scientists say they have been pressured by superiors to skew their findings...., a majority of the responses being from senior scientists who have worked at the gency for 10 years or more. The report said 60% reported personally experiencing what they viewed as political interference in the ir work over the past 5 years."
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    Isn't he puzzled?

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