Combined Motion Gyroscope

I want to build a Self Balancing autonomous bicycle for which I need to know about CMG System,Can Any one please guide me to the basics of Gyroscope and CMG- Ebooks would be a great starts.
What electronics are you using? RPi, Arduino, MicroPython?
Not exactly sure what you mean by "combined motion". Assuming this means sensor fusion, here's an example of a 3 axis accelerometer + 2 axis gyro with complementary filter to accurately estimate 3 axis orientation
which people have used to build self balancing robots (comment section from above link has people building them too). Basically, you use both the accel and gyro to get a more accurate orientation estimate than either alone. Then, orientation is fed into your system model to balance the bike. You can also add a gps if you need to track position.

Prerequisites are trig. and basic feedback control. There should be plenty of programming help online for your sensors, though I'd recommend Arduino if you haven't coded much.
@yangshi Thank you for your reply,But I am asking to balance a cycle which will be using 2 flywheels as a mechanical gyroscope.

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