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Complete set of answers to Schaum's Tensor Calculus

  1. Oct 19, 2009 #1
    I am studying Schaum's Tensor Calculus by Kay. I am attempting to work through every solved problem (covering up the answers, first) and every supplementary problem. I am not a student. My day job is computational chemistry, so I can only do this in my spare time (whatever that is!).

    A few questions: 1) Is there an errata webpage or document anywhere? 2) Is anyone aware of webpages or documents that have worked out answers (with some helpful commentary), especially for the supplementary problems? 3) Is there anyone out there, like me who already has, or who is in the process of working through the problems, and would like to correspond electronically, rather than pester folks via this forum?

    Please note that I have attempted to contact Kay directly (he is now retired), but have received no response.
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