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Complete tutor of electricity.?

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    I want a book of electricity (electrostatics and electromagnatism) that cover all topics with daily examples .for example the example of current is water flow or flow of traffic.charge store on capacitor with the example of water tanks.etc.in short all topics are very very easy to understand by that book.
    A book that is a complete tutor of electricity.The examples are given below.
    thank you

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    When I searched with the keyword "water analogy" I found some articles .but I want some books.please help.
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    I wouldn't know much about the water analogy thing (though one of your pics says "conversation" instead of "conservation" ;)), your best bet would be any introductory physics text. Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday/Resnick, for example.
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    Thank you my dear but I have read this book it not helpful for me.I want a book in which electricity is compaierd to water and it is self study guide.
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    Why do you want to compare electricity to water?
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    The analogy with water flow will only take you to, perhaps, a high schooler's understanding of electricity. As soon as you get into semiconductors (which are pretty much synonymous with electronics these days), the water analogy will no longer be useful.

    If you really want to understand electricity, give up on the water analogy, get a circuit analysis textbook, and have at it.

    - Warren
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    But I want a book of electricity and water analogy.In which electricity is taught with the help of water circuits.Please tell me the name of that book.
    I will be thankful to you.
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    There is no such book that I've ever heard of. The water analogy will only explain a few simple, trivial circuits, and then it will no longer be useful. I doubt that anyone would make an entire book about something that is only useful for a couple of simple examples.

    - Warren
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    but there are much more web sites from which we can learn electricity by water analogy examples.some links are given below please check it now.
    in above link working of resistor is tought.
    http://www.wonderwhizkids.com/Physics/Electricity+and+Magnetism/Current+Electricity/Pumping+of+charges/Pumping+of+charges.html [Broken]
    this link show pumping of charges with beautiful examples of water flow.
    there are number of websites that relates electricity to water flow.
    From these examples a student who is dull can also learn electricity,because these are everyday phenomenas.
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    Listen, berkeman and I are both practicing, professional electrical engineers. We know electricity. The water analogy won't work. As you have seen, no books of water analogies exist. The reason they don't exist is because they are not useful. You are welcome to continue insisiting that water analogies are worthwhile, but we have experience that indicates they are not. You can take our advice, or you can keep searching for something that doesn't exist. The choice is yours.

    - Warren
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    Thank you chroot.Ok.
    then suggest me any basic electricity book from which I can learn and understand more and more without any instructor.A book that is complete tutor itself.
    thank you.
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    As berkeman suggested earlier, a great book is The Art of Electronics.
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    My teacher gives me easy examples of daily life by which it is very very easy to understand electricity.for example last time he gave me example of parallal circuits, i.e 3 road joining one road so traffic will be divided so in circuits current will be divided he told that these examples are given in a book but unfortunatelly for a reason of secracy of teaching he do not tell me the name of that book.please tell me a great book from which I can learn electricity with easy daily examples. please if any one know tell me.
    I will be thankful to you.
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