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Complex analysis in electrical circuits

  1. Dec 13, 2011 #1
    When discussing the i (the imaginary unit) in a math class, my math teacher commented that that complex analysis is used in studying electrical circuits. I know a little about resistors and what not, but never have I seen complex analysis used this way. I've tried looking it up, but it's been fruitless. Has anybody else heard of this? What was he talking about?

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    Alternating current
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    Ah. Thanks.
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    In general, complex impedance.
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    This is a useful application in physics dealing with oscillations.
    In analyzing complex numbers it is possible to show a relationship
    e^iwt = Cos(wt) + iSin(wt)
    This means that a physics expression such as V = VoCos(wt) can be written as the real part of a complex number Vo x e^iwt
    Doing this means that you are dealing with exponential functions rather than Cosine and sine functions ....it is easier
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