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Compliance of air

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    1. Can the compliance of spring be specified/compared to a particular volume of air. If so then what would the volume of air with the same compliance as a spring of compliance 1mm/N on its support.

    2. Considering a cylinder(filled with air under standard conditions) with a piston(radius = r) at one end, can the volume of the cylinder be calculated if the volume reduces by (v') when a weight (w) is placed on the piston. What would the equation be.
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    Hi BSatish, welcome to PF. Only condensed matter can exhibit a certain compliance. Gases exhibit a certain http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compressibility" [Broken].
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    Thanks Mapes, your answer resolves question 1 and gives me a platform to work on question 2.
    Using the compressibility equation I think Q.2 can be worked out. How much pressure would weight (w) apply on the air in the cylinder.
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    If you show your calculations, you'll likely get useful comments.
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    As you can see in the attachment I need to find h considering a cylinder and standard conditions

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