What is Compliance: Definition and 15 Discussions

In general, compliance means conforming to a rule, such as a specification, policy, standard or law. Regulatory compliance describes the goal that organizations aspire to achieve in their efforts to ensure that they are aware of and take steps to comply with relevant laws, policies, and regulations. Due to the increasing number of regulations and need for operational transparency, organizations are increasingly adopting the use of consolidated and harmonized sets of compliance controls. This approach is used to ensure that all necessary governance requirements can be met without the unnecessary duplication of effort and activity from resources.
Regulations and accrediting organizations vary among fields, with examples such as PCI-DSS and GLBA in the financial industry, FISMA for U.S. federal agencies, HACCP for the food and beverage industry, and the Joint Commission and HIPAA in healthcare. In some cases other compliance frameworks (such as COBIT) or even standards (NIST) inform on how to comply with regulations.
Some organizations keep compliance data—all data belonging or pertaining to the enterprise or included in the law, which can be used for the purpose of implementing or validating compliance—in a separate store for meeting reporting requirements. Compliance software is increasingly being implemented to help companies manage their compliance data more efficiently. This store may include calculations, data transfers, and audit trails.

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  1. S

    ASME compliance in Pressure Vessel design

    Summary:: Hello i have a question regarding pressure vessel design. As per the required operating parameters for a pressure vessel, i have calculated the sheet thickness for the shell to be 4 mm and base plate thickness to be 25mm. These results are based on ASME calculations and ansys.Both...
  2. R

    FCC Compliance for small business

    I have been developing some simple electronic devices to help with Animated Christmas Light displays. I was about to start selling professional versions of my devices, until I found out I am required to get them FCC certified. This costs about $2500 per design, which is completely outrageous...
  3. W

    Deformation under eccentric shear stress

    Hi, Starting with an example to clarify what I am looking for. Assume an extension force applied on a distance from the centroid/neutral axis of a body: see attached, please. As result, bending force besides the tensile force will be generated in that body as presented in section A-A in the...
  4. Priss80

    ESD compliance for FR4 G10 material

    Good day. I am facing a case where most of the wave pallet top catch using FR4 G10 material tested not compliance to ESD. Can anyone help to confirm whether the G10 material is definitely not ESD? Can you share the product specification for the material with the surface resistance value? Thanks.
  5. G

    Compliance matrix from strain matrix, Matlab

    Homework Statement (I'm trying to replicate some results in an academic paper where they have calculated elastic properties of a crystal. Because I'm going to do a lot of similar time-consuming calculations following this one, I need to learn how to do them using a computer.) The compliance...
  6. swahlgren

    Local compliance with Castigliano's theorem

    According to Castigliano's theorem, the local compliance of an elastic structure, e.g. a cantilever, can be determined by integrating the products of stress intensity factor weight functions over the length of said structure. However, if I do that for a double cantilever beam using simple beam...
  7. J

    Closed Form Equations for Elasticity Properties for Anisotropic Materials

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way to obtain elasticity properties (Ex, Ey, Ez, Gxy, Gxz, Gyz, vxy, vxz, vyz) from the terms of a 6x6 anisotropic stiffness or compliance matrix. I'm looking for a closed form solution, preferably. I would think that there should be a closed form...
  8. J

    Negative Poisson's Ratio in Rotated Orthotropic Material

    Hi all, I'm looking for physical and mathematical explanations for a phenomenon I've noticed when working with rotated material properties relative to an XYZ coordinate system. For certain rotations (~40 to ~50 degrees) about a single axis the S12, S13, or S23 components of the compliance...
  9. D

    Voltage Compliance Range & Load Resistor Values for Current Source Circuit

    Thank you for any help that you can offer. Did I answer the questions? Homework Statement What is the voltage compliance range of the current source? Between what range of RL values will the circuit function as a current source...
  10. S

    Creating lung compliance curves but I'm terrible at the math/graphing

    Homework Statement I am trying to replicate the curves in the attachment, but since I am a physiologist it has been quite a while since I've done graphing. I am simply looking for an easy way to replicate these three curves. This is for a practice exam I am creating for first year medical...
  11. L

    ESD vs. EFT Compliance Testing

    What is the difference between ESD and EFT compliance testing. EFT is continuous and ESD is not?
  12. B

    Calculating Air Compliance & Cylinder Volumes with Weight

    1. Can the compliance of spring be specified/compared to a particular volume of air. If so then what would the volume of air with the same compliance as a spring of compliance 1mm/N on its support. 2. Considering a cylinder(filled with air under standard conditions) with a piston(radius = r)...
  13. N

    Medical Chest Wall Compliance: Effects on Lung Volumes?

    I was wondering what the changes would be if the a) the lung compliance decreased and b) the chest wall compliance decreased. Am i correct in thinking both would result in a fall in FRC, or would that only be for a fall in lung compliance? In addition, what would happen to other lung volumes...
  14. M

    NFPA 79 Compliance: An OEM's Perspective

    Hello, I work for an OEM of Measurement Equipment. All my studies on NFPA 79 have concluded that this is a standard...not a law. If a customer wants a piece of equipment the cost of NFPA 79 compliance would be added to quotation. Can anyone give me some feedback on this. Thanks
  15. J

    Unlocking the Power of Radio Signals: Regulatory Compliance

    Homework Statement Regulations require that licensed radio stations have limits on their broadcast power so as to avoid interference with signals from distant stations. You are in charge of checking compliance with the law. At a distance of 25 km from a radio station that broadcasts from a...