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Other Computer Science: Github vs. Personal Website?

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    Hey all,

    I am narrowing down on my final semesters in college this coming year. I'd like to start making my larger (and better) projects available to potential employers. I was wondering if Github or making a personal website would be better? I'm not going for a front-end development job, so I don't think a website would matter too much, but I can see it being a way to stand out.

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    Does your college host career fairs, where you could talk with recruiters in a Trade-Show style format? You could ask the recruiters, there. Or just ask at the career center. I have seen Github. It may be sufficient for your needs, but I would ask.
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    I'm not familiar w/ Github but I would think that a personal web site would be a better choice since it gives you great flexibility in presenting a resume and project and explanations of / comments with the projects.
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    I think releasing code to the public is generally beneficial to one's career, and places like GitHub are more likely to generate more downloads and broader usage than a personal web site. You can also make a note on your resume/CV of the number of downloads. Even if a potential employer does not download the code to look at it, they can verify the number of downloads and see that you've written code that is in wide use.
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    Personal page that links to your github.
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