Computer turns itself on!

  1. We just had a storm go through, so i turned off my computer's power. There was a loss of electricity with several partial connections before power was restored. Appeared to be caused by a limb over the line.

    When it was all over i looked over and my computer was on and booted up.

    Is it possessed??!!...Shouldn't my avg take care of possession??!!

    oh, i have a dell gx-1...:blushing:
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  3. It was waking up to ask you to take it with you if you left for a storm shelter.
  4. No storm shelter,,,,i just turn on the force field...

    I do not know what the pwr ckts look like in this machine, but i know that it isn't off when the power switch is turned off. So i guess that a spike can make it's way around or through the power switch to initiate bootup...
    does that make any sense?...anyone else seen this happen?
  5. Perhaps it was hybernating and a nice thunder clap shook the building enough to startle it awake?
  6. Power switch was in off position.....the more i think about it the less i understand how it could have happened, and two times at that.

    Maybe i should have put this in electrical engineering forum...
  7. Sometimes there can be settings in the BIOS which tell it to boot.
  8. Look for something like "LAN wakeup/poweron" in the bios.
  9. Thanks...will check out settings in bios....
  10. Just tell it to shut-off!
  11. ya i am suffering with this problem too..
  12. what to do people??? i hav been struggling for 2 weeks....
  13. thanx....i wil check out too...
  14. is it a desktop or a laptop?
  15. desktop....
  16. You need to unplug them during storms. It could be that the switch is bad, depending on your box. My HP used to have that problem, it would turn off and then turn right back on. And it was the spring, though now I have seen the power switch connect to the motherboard.

    But I think it is your power supply, or your motherboard. Though you would probably hear beep codes if it were the motherboard.

    How long does it stay off until it goes back on?

    Is your BIOS keeping the correct time on the clock?
  17. Post the model number and mfg. I will check out the specs and poke around the internet. I had this problem several times in my life and once it was the power switch, and the other time it was the power supply.
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    More than once, I've had my bedroom TV turn on in the middle of the night. It happens when a streetcar goes by.

    I think the spark (which is basically an EMP) triggers the remote on circuit.

    Heck, my car has started up in the middle of the night! That was a shock...*

    * before you go crying "b*ll", note that it had a remote starter installed.
  19. You reminded me, I want to get a clapper.
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