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Homework Help: Conclusion for seeing the infinitely small

  1. May 10, 2015 #1
    I need to write a conclusion for a presentation I'm doing on "Seeing the infinitely small" (translation from french), which is basically about microscopes and the LHC, how to observe the different levels of small and all that... What can I write to answer, "why are we trying to observe the infinitely small ?" I wrote something about understanding our universe and all that but can't i write something about how quarks can lead to the answers of fundamental questions etc.. .? It's in french by the way so just bullet points, no need to write a whole paragraph
    Idk if this is the correct place for this but thanks in advance!
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    If you want to fully understand something, you have to understand its pieces first. To find the fundamental building blocks of matter, or of our universe in general, you have to look at the smallest things. Quarks are among the smallest particles we can observe.
    The matter around us is made out of quarks, electrons and their interactions.
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    cheers mate, this answer helped me a lot :)
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