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I Confusing text in Wiki Friedmann article

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    From time to time I come across some text in a Wikipedia article that is quite misleading to a naive reader. The following is an example:
    Wiki Friedmann Eq.png
    The problem is that the sign of Ω0,k is backwards. That is the sign is positive for a universe with negative (hyperbolic) curvature, and negative for a universe with positive (hyperspherical) curvature. In particular, the variable k was previously introduced with a description that k=+1 corresponds to positive curvature, and k=-1 corresponds to negative curvature.

    I am hopeful that some knowledgeable PFs participant will edit the article to make this clear to a naive reader. There are several reasons why I do not feel competent to do this myself.
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    You could also post in the wiki article "talk" page about your confusion and the folks who wrote / edited that article can fix it. I think that would be more effective and faster means to bring it to their attention.

    edit: I looked at the talk page and saw that there is a lot of discussion already on this article. If you read through it you might find someone has brought up the same issues as you and if not then its your turn.
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    Hi jedishrfu:

    Thanks for your post. I think your suggestion is a good idea.

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    You can also edit yourself. I value wiki as a free first source that always must checked against other sources, sometimes those listed within wiki are good. If you find it useful, you can add to it.
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    Hi Paul:

    Actually I don't know how to create the notations for Greek letters and subscripts in Wikipedia. I entered a description of what has to be fixed on the talk page, and I hope someone will fix it.

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