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Contour integration

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    I'm trying to do a trigonometric type contour integration... one with limits of integration between -Pi and Pi. Is there a rule about what the integrand has to look like?

    Eg can I do this (I've converted it into z's):

    int( f(z)/( (z-z1)^2 (z-z2)^2 ) ,z)

    ...can f(z) be any function?

    And is it okay for the original limits to be from -Pi to Pi rather than the normal 0 to 2*Pi

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    Gib Z

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    f(z) can't be any function, the number and type of singularities it has around the region of integration can cause the integral to be ill-defined. Also, the limits should not matter, but if this is a contour integral, what is the counter? You define bounds like a normal integral.
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    Thanks for replying....

    I should have written "if f(z) doesn't have any singularities, can it be any function?" .. can it?

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