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Convert Digital Output from DAQ to Analog output?

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    We are using a DAQ (data acquisition) board for our project, that has only 2 analog outputs, but we need 4. It also has some digital outputs... Is there a way to convert the digital outputs into analog, and if so, what is it?

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    You could use a simple summing amplifier, flash converter, or bipolar conversion. The reconstructed digital signal will never be as good as a true analog signal. The more of the digital out puts you use in your converter the more voltages you can get out.
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    I would just have one of the digital IO's output a PWM to an RC filter.
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    so you want a 1 bit DAC?
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    If you have enough digital outputs spare, you can make a ladder DAC out of them. An R-2R Ladder DAC works well.
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