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Homework Help: Convert GW/bcf to J/m^3

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    1.They claim that it is possible to store over 500 GW of power (presumably for part of a
    day) in pressurized caverns of 535 billion cubic feet. If the storage time is one half day,
    what is this in Joules per cubic meter?

    GW=1x10^12 Watts
    1 cubic meter = 35.31466672 cubic foot

    3. 500GW/535 BFC= .934 W/CF=.934j/s/CF=aprox 2592000J/m^3

    Im not sure if the solution i worked out was correct or not just wanted to make sure.
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    You need to take into account the half-day time period, to go from power to energy. Once you figure out how many Joules of energy it takes to generate that power for half of a day, you will be able to them figure out how many Joules per cubic foot of storage that equates to. Don't just write down random combinations of variables trying to divine the answer. Think the problem through step-by-step.
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